Protect and reduce the spread of germs with our breathable, reusable and washable full coverage stretch face coverings. Made with soft, comfortable and lightweight 100% microfiber polyester. These face covers are suitable for both men and women and ideal to wear for an extended period of time. The large ear holes take pressure off the ears making it more comfortable than traditional elastic bands. Available in two sizes and can easily be folded inside pockets when not in use.
Made in the USA

  • Small size measures 5.125 inches by 12.75 inches
  • Large size measures 5.5 inches by 14.5 inches
  • One Size Fits All measures 6 inches by 15 inches (3 ear loop options)

Each size stretches an additional inch.

Total :$ 650.00


ONE SIZE FITS ALL500$ 650.00
1000$ 1,230.00
5000$ 6,000.00
10000$ 11,700.00
SMALL500$ 650.00
1000$ 1,230.00
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