Personal safety kit, hand sanitizer, face covering, reminder card, lapel sticker, tissue package, zipper pouch


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Our personal safety kits are a great item to have in your car, pass out to your employees or give out to those attending an event. This one contains (3) microfiber, one size fits all (three ear loop options) face cover; (1) 25ml credit-card sized hand sanitizer spray; (1) of our Social Distancing Stay Safe Reminder Cards; (1) pack of tissues; (3) Social Distancing Reminder lapel stickers and (6) of our Reusable Nose Bridges. Each kit comes in a zippered fabric pouch that fits neatly in a backpack, handbag or the glove compartment of your car.
Includes: 3 Face Covers; 1 pack of Tissues; 3 Lapel Stickers; 1 25ml Hand Sanitizer Spray; 1 Reminder Card; 6 Reusable Nose Bridges
Great for personal use, visitors and staff and good to give out at parties, rallies or other events.
Please contact us if you are interested in custom labeling.


A great item to have in your car, pass out to employees or give out to those attending an event. Hosting a rally? Give one out to each attendee! Do you have parents coming for meetings at the school? Provide each one with this kit to ensure everyone's safety. The possibilities are endless.


Our Reminder Card is laminated and can be wiped clean with warm water and a mild liquid detergent. The reusable nose bridges should be removed before the face mask or face covering is washed, and can be re-attached when dry. Our face coverings can be washed with soap and water; we recommend using a delicates bag. Our lapel stickers work great on all fabrics - remember to remove before throwing your clothes in the laundry!

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