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Our Restaurant Packages contain everything you need to re-open your restaurant safely. We know you're ready to get your customers back in the door. This package takes one thing off your plate - having to choose all of the items you need to ensure a safe reopening. This premium package contains social distancing lapel stickers, face shields and a no-contact thermometer for your staff, floor strips/circles and indoor and outdoor signage to encourage social distancing throughout your place of business.
Includes: 250 Social Distancing Lapel Stickers; 8 Stand Here floor circles; 8 One Way arrow floor strips; 4 Do Not Cross floor strips; 4 6 Foot Spacer floor strips; 2 Please Wait Here floor graphics; 8 Person Crossing floor graphics; 6 Wash Your Hands indoor signs; 4 How to Protect Yourself and Others indoor signs; 2 Temperature Screening signs; 10 Clear Plastic Face Shields; 1 No-Contact Thermometer
Great for indoor and outdoor restaurants across the country
Please contact us if you are interested in custom labeling.


(250) Social Distancing Lapel StickersSSP0033-SSP0037

(10) Clear Plastic Face ShieldsSSP0191-SHIELD-OSFA

(8) Stand Here floor circlesSSP0010-SSP0014

(8) One Way Arrow floor stripsSSP0026-SSP0030

(8) Person Crossing floor graphicsSSP0105-SSP0109

(6) Wash Your Hands indoor adhesive signsSSP0069

(4) Do Not Cross floor stripsSSP0095-SSP0099

(4) 6 Foot Spacer floor stripsSSP0115-SSP0119

(4) How to Protect Yourself and Others indoor adhesive signsSSP0071

(2) Temperature Screening outdoor adhesive signsSSP0051

(2) Please Wait Here floor graphicsSSP0265-SSP0269

(1) Thermometer with temperature logbook SSP-9010-BERRCOM


Our floor circles and floor strips adhere to most indoor and outdoor floor surfaces with a non-stick grip.

Our lapel stickers work great on all fabrics - remember to remove before throwing your clothes in the laundry!

Our outdoor adhesive signs can be used on multiple surfaces, including windows, while our indoor adhesive vinyl can be applied and removed multiple times and are great on a clean, flat surface.


Our lapel stickers work great on all fabrics - remember to remove before throwing your clothes in the laundry!

Our Thermometer is safe for all ages/groups and completely hygienic, you can wipe the unit's handle with a damp cloth and soap/water or using sterile alcohol wipes.

Our floor strips and circles are designed for 6-12 months in heavily trafficked areas, or 3-5 year with little/no foot traffic. Once installed, they are not repositionable nor reusable.

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