Our social distancing floor graphics are great for ensuring six feet of distance for COVID-19 safety. Each graphic comes in multiples sizes and colors and adheres to most indoor and outdoor floor surfaces.

Floor Graphics (Customizable)

Our customizable floor graphics adhere to most indoor and outdoor floor surfaces and come in a variety of colors, sizes and styles - the only limit is your imagination!

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Social distancing floor circles, adhesive spacing circles
Indoor / Outdoor Adhesive

Floor Graphics (Ready Made)

Each floor strip or circle/diamond graphic adheres to most indoor and outdoor floor surfaces. These floor adhesive graphics come in multiple colors, styles and sizes - thank you for observing social distancing, please stand here, safe spacing, one way only and more!

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Floor Graphics Packages

Our Floor Graphics Package has what you need to get your company or office ready to serve your customers following the shutdown. This premium package contains social distancing lapel stickers, floor circles and floor signs to encourage social distancing throughout your place of business.

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